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Veteran session drummer and the man on the drum kit for over 40 years with The Gordon Lightfoot BandBarry Keane – talks to Paul Romanuk about The Beatles second album, With The Beatles.

Like millions of others, those early Beatles albums turned something on in Barry’s mind and made him want to become a musician. Barry has played on hundreds of albums but is best known for his great work with Gordon Lightfoot (Listen to those brilliantly understated tom fills on The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald and you’ll know, immediately, how Barry likes to approach a track). Lots of talk in this episode, not surprisingly, about Ringo’s drumming. Barry also shares some great stories from his early days in the Canadian recording business as an A&R guy (there’s a good one about Rick James jumping up and down on his desk, declaring “I’m gonna be a star!”) before he decided that his place was behind a drum kit and not a desk.

Here’s Barry’s profile on discogs.com

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