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Canadian indie music icon Stephen Stanley (ex-Lowest Of The Low, Stephen Stanley Band) talks about some of his favourite “Beatles guitar moments” with host Paul Romanuk.


Here’s the “album” Stephen has put together of his favourite Beatles guitar moments.

Side One

And I Love Her (Feb 1964) A Hard Day’s Night

A Hard Day’s Night (April 1964) A Hard Day’s Night

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (February 1965) Help!

Day Tripper (October 1965) (single)

Norwegian Wood (October 1965) Rubber Soul

Hello, Goodbye (November 1967) Magical Mystery Tour

Side Two

Blackbird (June 1968) White Album

Dear Prudence (August 1968) White Album

Helter Skelter (September 1968) White Album

I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (August 1969) Abbey Road

Here Comes the Sun (September 1969) Abbey Road

I’ve Got A Feeling (January 1969) Let It Be

The Stephen Stanley Band has an indiegogo campaign on the go to raise funds to help with the cost of finishing up and releasing their new album Before The Collapse Of The Hive. Here’s a link to the page if you’d like to help out.

-You can find out what The Stephen Stanley Band is up to right here

-There are numerous pages on The Beatles‘ guitars. Here’s a link to a good overview that appeared on the Guitar World website of the guitars the Fabs used during their recording career together.

-shoutout to musician Chris Bennett for his loan of the original UK pressing of Help! as well as the vintage, 1962, Gretsch Tennessean for the Stephen Stanley episode photo. A note of trivia: that’s the same model of Gretsch that George Harrison used on the Help! album.

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