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Terry O’Reilly is an internationally recognised expert on marketing and advertising and hosts a well known podcast on the subject: Under The Influence. In this special episode, Terry speaks with host Paul Romanuk about how The Beatles changed the face of marketing and promotion in the world of pop music.


-you can find out all about Terry O’Reilly and his excellent podcast on marketing and advertising, Under The Influence, at his website – terryoreilly.ca

-Terry was the co-founder and editor of the successful Beatles collector magazine Beatlology. You can order back issues at the website: beatlology.com

-we talk about memorabilia from the Apple Records era and how unique and valuable some items are. Here is a link to a page featuring some of those items. Some cool stuff (and you can still find some of it on eBay).

The Beatles were among the first to use promotional films (known now as music videos) to market new singles. One of the most well known was the promo film for Hey Jude. Here’s a link to a piece on The Paul McCartney Project website talking about making the film.

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