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Moe Berg – a Canadian indie music icon and front man of The Pursuit Of Happiness – displays his Beatle chops, chatting with host Paul Romanuk about The Beatles‘ 1966 North American release Yesterday And Today.


-Find out all things Moe Berg at his personal website, moeberg.ca I highly recommend his blog (which he doesn’t contribute to nearly enough!) for some great insights into music and culture.

-Here’s a link to The Pursuit Of Happiness website.

-Here’s a link to The Pursuit Of Happiness Wikipedia page.

-We talk about the infamous Beatles “Butcher Cover” for the album. Here’s a link to the original cover art.And the story behind the cover fiasco.

-Here’s the crap cover they ended up with.

-We talk about a band Moe worked with called The Ambers. Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist of the album we were talking about.

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