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Montreal singer/songwriter Max Comeau talks with host Paul Romanuk about the 1973 Paul McCartney & Wings album Red Rose Speedway.


-the best place to find info on Max is his Bandcamp page. He’s pretty thorough on there, with lots of notes and factoids about many of the songs as well as lyrics.

here is a Rolling Stone magazine review from 1973 on Red Rose Speedway. It’s generally quite favourable.

-an interesting discussion on the album on the excellent Steve Hoffman Music Forum

-here’s a link to the obit that ran in The Guardian on Wings guitarist Henry McCullough. As we discuss in the episode, McCullough’s guitar solo on My Love was one of his finest.

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  1. Really appreciated the enthusiasm and stories behind these tracks. In depth conversations about the great Paul. Btw…Max would make a great Co- Host! ☺️

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